Instant Virtualization Eliminates Down Time


Last month on the blog we talked about the importance of your business continuity plan and why we trust Datto’s Intelligent Business Continuity suite of high-performing, low-maintenance, electronic business continuity enhancing hardware and software components. One our favourite features in this comprehensive strategy is Datto’s superior instant virtualization component.

Instant virtualization is not only necessary to the raging success of your backup system, it also provides you with enhanced time efficiency. Traditionally, software backups happened either on a secure hard drive, or on a server (cloud storage), and you – the entrepreneur – trusted that all was well. You never checked to see what your backup looked like. Your IT team rarely ran diagnostics on your backups because everyone figured that as long as your system was functioning, surely that meant your backups were reliable. You thought that right up until you needed to use a backup, only to find that one teeny tiny file was damaged, rendering the backup useless. At that point your only options were either to go back as far as you could and check all of your backup files to find one that was complete and risk losing all of the data you had acquired since then – and that could be several months’ worth of data – or start fresh from Right Now. Neither option is attractive, and with economic competition as strong as it is thanks to internet search and online shopping, neither option is acceptable.

Instant virtualization eliminates the sketchy backup problem forever and without adding extra work on your To Do list. When Datto backs up your system it creates a complete backup and saves the entire file both on your Datto device and the cloud. Datto provides backup diagnostics every time it creates a save point and takes a screen shot of those diagnostics for your convenience. Then, like a considerate friend who knows you’re short on time, Datto emails your IT person that screen shot to provide peace of mind or to see immediately that there is a problem. If your system encounters a problem – maybe your customer database becomes corrupt, or your internal processing files are accidentally deleted, or a computer virus rears its ugly head – your IT team will know as soon as they receive the daily screen shot, and they have the ability to go into the backups and almost instantly re-engage the damaged file to the last save before it became unusable. The rest of your system remains intact as it is right now. Yes, really!

Check out the video below for a more visual demonstration of Instant Virtualization

Today’s business continuity processes allow for companies of every size to benefit from technology that was previously only affordable to companies with a huge staff and a multi-person IT department. Your small business really can have it all. Don’t have an IT team? Let Polarverse take care of that for you. Our IT services work with Datto to provide you with reliable service that is actionable remotely – we can have you back up and running within minutes of finding out your system has a problem. Call us today at (519) 489-0646.