Pro Tip: Spring Clean Your Computer


Don’t forget to clean your computer! We’re not talking about the hardware, you’ve already done that, right?  You’ve heard about things like RAM and Memory, and you’re well acquainted with the word “Loading.” Spring cleaning the digital portion of your computer (and tablet, and smartphone) will help keep your system user-friendly for as long as…

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Video: Polarverse joins SBCN to Discuss Business Continuity


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Pro Tip: Spring Clean Your Network Closet


Your network closet is the cave or corner of your office (sometimes under a desk) that houses your main internet and network connections. Here lives your modem, your router, your printer, your scanner, the photocopier, likely a shredder, and a terrifying tangle of cables. Time to shed some light in there and find out what…

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Pros of Buying Your Corporate Laptop from your IT Service


The Pros of Buying Your Corporate Laptop from your IT Service Misconceptions run rampant in the corporate world about the best sources for computers and hardware. This is especially contentious when the need is critical, as in the laptop died and you need a new one yesterday. It’s tempting to drive over to the nearest…

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You Can’t Put It Off: Proactive IT Management Needs To Start Now


There’s a huge misunderstanding about pro-activity in information technology (IT) management. That misunderstanding isn’t about the benefits of proactive IT management; everyone knows that preventative measures against a systematic failure within your business’ computer network saves you thousands of dollars and weeks’ worth of staff/down time.  No, the trouble with executing strong proactive IT management…

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It Stole Your ID – Don’t Be Fooled!


Dave loved tweaking photos on his Android phone. He’d heard rave reviews from his friends with iPhones about Prisma, a new iOS app for image editing. So when he heard Prisma would soon be released for Android, he logged in to the Google Play Store to see if it was there yet. To his surprise,…

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IT Resolutions For 2017


It’s the start of a New Year and resolutions are in the air! You’ve vowed to lose weight, dwell on the positive, and renovate the kitchen. You’re going to spend more time with your family, take up a new hobby, and find out what the big deal is about yoga. What about your business resolutions?…

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Ransomware: How To Spot A Cyber Scam


Ransomware is a hot topic of 2016. By now you probably know what it is – when hackers use software to take control of a computer and either lock it up entirely or just the files. The hackers demand a ransom anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars to unlock the data. Attacks…

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Instant Virtualization Eliminates Down Time


Last month on the blog we talked about the importance of your business continuity plan and why we trust Datto’s Intelligent Business Continuity suite of high-performing, low-maintenance, electronic business continuity enhancing hardware and software components. One our favourite features in this comprehensive strategy is Datto’s superior instant virtualization component. Instant virtualization is not only necessary…

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Effective and Affordable Business Continuity


When was the last time you reviewed your company’s continuity plan? How will you process orders if your online shop goes down? What work-around will you adopt if your email app quits and you can’t connect with customers? What if you can’t access your customer database because the server is down or your power is…

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