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Chris started his business in April 2003 as an independent contract for a local support company, in July 2004 he started his own company, originally named The Computer Doctor which became Polarverse IT Services in January 2010. Chris started his company because he didn’t think the small business environment was getting a fair shake and he wanted to change all that!

In 2013 Chris reinvented Polarverse as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and stopped providing break-fix services and phased out residential service to concentrate more on small business support. Since 2013 Chris has also added cloud services (adding options for storage, email, etc).   Polarverse clients are now more proactive.

In 2015 Chris moved Polarverse operations out of his home and into shared office space in Uptown Waterloo, offloading basic administrative work and reception duties to onsite staff.

What’s up Chris’ sleeve next? Well not much because he favors short sleeves but he’s been developing a “super service” called Ultra360 that will streamline Polarverse IT support and make his clients’ networks super-fast and efficient!

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