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Whether the term “cloud storage” causes you to shudder or roll your eyes be aware that cloud storage has come a long way in terms of capability and security in the last few years.



Does your business rely heavily on the use of computers, data-sharing, or data-syncing? Then cloud storage could save you staff time and money.

What is cloud storage? Cloud storage is an electronic storage system for your digital files. There is no single company that owns cloud storage, or “the cloud” as it is sometimes referred to. It’s the industry term for a service offered by digital storage companies. The system is designed to work entirely by remote access, simplifying file sharing and syncing. The cloud itself is a network encompassing physical computers housing servers – servers are computer programs that support the architecture of programs that you use, including digital storage space – and a digital transmission system that provides customers online access to their files 24/7 by logging on to a website and downloading minimal operating software. Files are stored across several servers over multiple locations to maintain integrity should one system fail.

Cloud storage is not a backup system which is why we recommend purchasing cloud backup services in addition to your storage. Implementing cloud backups will keep your files protected in case of a system failure or compromised security and go beyond your regular work-related files to include social media pages, email and calendars. Cloud backups are conducted daily, won’t slow down your computer or network, and provide remote access to your files; features that external hard drives lack.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage

The topmost reason to switch to cloud storage is stress relief. Access your files from anywhere on any device. If your laptop dies right before – or worse, during – a presentation, just sign in to your storage account on another device. When an employee leaves the company you have complete access to their projects, no matter if they worked on a company-issued or personal laptop.

The next best reason to switch to cloud storage is the budget relief. No more rushing to buy another external hard drive or finding room in the budget for a new computer because one of them bit the dust. And your IT master can concentrate on fixing bugs rather than retrieving lost files.

Security is at its best. A reputable storage company will encrypt your files when saved, and while stored in the cloud. Cloud storage is at least as secure as your personal computer, network, and internet connection. As an administrator, you control employee access to individual files.

Polarverse works with cloud storage facilitator Datto and we highly recommend their Datto Drive and Backupify services. If you’re interested in cloud storage, or just want to know whether it’s right for your company call Polarverse at (519) 489-0646.

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