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Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Microsoft Word is a favourite word processor for good reason – and likely exceptional marketing. You’ve been typing away with it forever (or at the earliest, 1983), but do you really know how to use it? Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks that we use and realize non-IT people might not have memorized but definitely should. 

Keyboard Short Cuts

They are efficient and, most of the time, convenient. Let’s assume you know the basics like Ctrl + s to Save, Ctrl + c to Copy, Ctrl + x to cut, and Ctrl + p to Paste. But do you know: 

  • Undo by holding Ctrl + z
  • Redo with Ctrl + y
  • Open another file by with Ctrl + o
  • Select everything in the document to make copying and pasting it, say to post on your blog, with Ctrl + a
  • Bold with Ctrl + b• Italicise with Ctrl + i
  • Underline with Ctrl + u
  • Add accents by holding down Ctrl + the accent + the letter. For example á = Ctrl + ‘ + a. You can also still use the Alt Codes. Hold down the Alt key then type in a code on your number pad. Alt then 130 = é. Make a list of the accented letters you use most often, open up Symbols in the Insert Tab (a.k.a. tool bar), select More Symbols to see the whole list, and then write down the Shortcut Key code, and keep the list handy. 

Editing Tools

Save a lot of stress when you’re co-working on a project, but only if everyone on board knows how to use these tools. Here are our favourites:

  1. Keep track of edits. When making changes to someone else’s document, first click the Review tab, then Track Changes from the Track Changes drop-down menu. Go ahead and make all your revisions, Word will keep track to show your team members who did what when.
  2. Leave a New Comment – also in the Review tab – to explain your changes. Word will even add your name. No more messing with highlighting and font colour to point things out to the team.
  3. Hide edits in a hurry. When you don’t want to see any of the tracking or comments, in the Review tab select the drop-down menu in the Tracking tab (a.k.a. section) and select “No Markup”.
  4. Format Painter and Clear All Formatting are phenomenal tools if you copy and paste from other documents.Caution regarding Find and Replace: This tool is excellent when you’re removing double spaces, but beware that if you use it to replace “be” with “beautiful” you’re going to end up with “bebeautiful” where you once had “before.”

Other items worth reading up on include how to use a Table of Contents for automatic updating, and how to Customize your Ribbon so that you can quickly access all the shortcuts you use the most, 

Finally, we leave you with some lingo so that you can easily search online for help with the various functions of Word. 

Ribbon: The area at the top of the screen that houses all of your shortcuts

Tabs: The different headings on your ribbon e.g. HOME, INSERT, DESIGN, etc.

Group: The sections within the tabs. For example in the HOME tab groups could be Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, etc.

Formatting: the way something looksCharacters: the text

Field: A placeholder that can be filled in with text, or pre-programmed to automatically be filled in with text

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